Courses offered at RAIRC meet all the requirements of the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC), as well as providing you with a solid understanding of the practices of the real estate industry. Members of the REALTORS® Association of Indian River County will receive discounts on most courses.

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RAIRC provides its members with exclusive access to a wide range of professional development seminars throughout the year. The Professional Development Committee organizes high quality education programs. These seminars are one of most beneficial of all member benefits.

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It is very important to keep all your continuing education letters to validate your coursework.  These letters will tell you the course names and how many credits you received. If the credits did not get transmitted successfully to DBPR, then you will be able to use the letters to verify your attendance. For questions, please call the Customer Contact Center at 850-487-1395 Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM.

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Requirements for Real Estate Licensing

If you have a high school diploma or its equivalent, your Florida real estate career begins with a 63-hour sales associate pre-license course, its final exam, and then the state's real estate sales associate license exam.

Then there's a sales associate 45-hour post-license course to be completed within the licensee’s first renewal cycle.  This cycle ends on your license expiration date (located at the bottom of your license.)  After you've completed the sales associate post-license course and have been licensed for at least 24 months, you can take the state's 72-hour broker pre-license course, its final exam, and then the state's real estate broker license exam.  Once you pass the state exam, there's a broker 60-hour post-license course(s) (one or more broker post licensing courses, which total at least 60 classroom hours) to be completed within the licensee’s first renewal cycle.  This cycle ends on your license expiration date (located at the bottom of your license.

Exceptions to the rule

If you are approved to practice law in Florida, you are exempt from the pre-license education requirement. You may take the sales associate’s examination by affixing a copy of your current Bar card to the examination application. Any active member in good standing with The Florida Bar and who is otherwise qualified under the real estate license law is exempt from the continuing education requirements for real estate licensees. Attorneys must complete the 45-hour post-licensing course within the first renewal period.

Broker Licensing Requirements

To begin the process, a prospective broker must hold an active real estate sales associate license and complete 24 months of real estate experience during the five-year period preceding becoming a licensed real estate sales broker.

If the applicant holds a Florida real estate sales associate license, he or she must fulfill the sales associate post-licensing education requirements before being eligible to obtain a broker license. This method does not exempt a sales associate who holds a Florida sales associate license from successfully completing the sales associate post-licensing course.

Applicants must pass a FREC approved pre-licensing course for brokers, consisting of 72 classroom hours and covering the topics required by the FREC.

Real Estate Instructor Requirements

A school instructor is described as an individual who instructs persons in the classroom in noncredit college courses in a college, university, or community college, or courses in an area technical center or proprietary real estate school. The applicant must certify competency and obtain an instructor permit by meeting one of the following requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree in a business-related subject (such as real estate, finance, accounting, business administration, or its equivalent) and hold a valid broker's license in this state.
  • Hold a bachelor's degree, have extensive real estate experience (as defined by rule) and hold a valid broker's license in this state.
  • Pass an instructor examination approved by the FREC.
  • Submit a completed application to register as a Real Estate Instructor for a real estate school.

The continuing education requirement for a real estate instructor is a minimum of seven classroom hours of instruction in real estate subjects or instructional techniques as prescribed by FREC.

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