Rental Facilities

We offer our 5100 square foot Education Center as a rental option for full and half day events. Our facility can be divided into two separate rooms. Please Click Here for contract information.

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Contact RAIRC Staff for further details at 772-567-3510 or email


Room Descriptions:  Total 5100 square foot / Half 2550 square foot

Education Center__                                                                   Member/Non-Member

Half Room/Full Day                                                                    $300/ $450

Whole Room/Full Day                                                                $500/ $750

Half Room/Half Day  (4 hours)                                                   $200/ $300

Whole Room/Half Day (4 hours)                                                $400/ $600

Audio/Visual                                                                             Member/Non-Member

Projector LCD/Screen                                                              $75 +tax/ $115 +tax

Over Head Projector                                                                $50+tax/ $70 +tax

Flip Chart                                                                                 $50+tax/ $70 +tax

DVD/VCR                                                                                 $50+tax/ $70 +tax

Microphone                                                                              $25+tax/ $45 +tax

*Education B                                                                          Members Only

Half Room/ 3 Total Hours                                                         $75

*Rentals over 3 hrs require regular rental rates/fees.

**No food or drink allowed with this rental rate.

***No use of equipment except tables and chairs.

****Refundable key deposit ($100) & Security Deposit ($100) will apply.


Wireless Internet                                              No charge

Key Deposit:                                                    $100 per key

*Services (optional at additional cost)

*Janitorial Service $75