The RAIRC of Leadership consists of 5 officers and 6 directors, each serving on a voluntary basis to guide the Association, uphold the Mission Statement and REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and fulfill the Strategic Plan. The Board is elected every year by a vote of the RAIRC General Membership.

Work Phone: 772-231-1270
Photo of Andrew Harper
Work Phone: 772-257-8000
Photo of Michael Armstrong
Vice President
Work Phone: 772-231-4880
Photo of Andrew Gonzalez
Secretary / Treasurer
Work Phone: 772-234-1111
Photo of Wendy Wilson
Past President
Work Phone: 772-589-8700
Photo of Hollie Billero Buldo


Work Phone: 772-231-4712
Photo of Jennifer Bailey
Work Phone: 772-231-4712
Photo of Jim Goldsmith
Work Phone: 772-231-5200
Photo of Samantha Irvin
Work Phone: 772-231-0001
Photo of Colleen Jennings
Work Phone: 772-231-6509
Photo of Alex MacWilliam IV
Work Phone: 772-234-4106
Photo of Karen Morris